FAQs of Amazon Flex Insurance

Like most things in life, accidents happen when you least expect them. As an Amazon Flex driver, you need to protect yourself in the unfortunate event that an accident occurs as you work.

Amazon provides the Amazon Flex Auto Policy, which includes uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, auto liability coverage, and contingent comprehensive and collision coverage at no cost to their drivers, provided they’re using Amazon Flex to pick up packages, deliver packages, or return undelivered packages back to their place of origin.

Amazon Flex auto policy covers:

  • Car damage from accidents that occur when performing Amazon Flex duties
  • Towing due to an accident while performing Amazon Flex duties
  • Damaged, stolen, or lost Amazon packages – except in cases involving some kind of fraudulent or illegal activity

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Why do you need your own commercial auto insurance policy?

This is because some personal insurance policies prohibit drivers from using their vehicles for any courier work, even when you have a separate insurance policy for the delivery work from Amazon Flex. Every time you use your vehicle for Amazon Flex, your personal insurance is voided. This means you need a commercial policy for extra protection, and to be in compliance with Amazon Flex driver requirements for personal auto insurance.

There are several reasons for voiding your personal auto insurance:

First, Amazon Flex is a delivery business. As long as you’re using your vehicle to make deliveries for a reward, you need commercial insurance. Second, insurance providers consider the risk for “misrepresentation of facts.” When signing up for your auto insurance, and you indicate that you use your vehicle primarily for personal trips or commute, then using your vehicle for Amazon Flex violates the terms of your insurance policy, regardless of the additional cover provided by Amazon Flex.

Auto insurance providers typically include a clause in their policies claiming that any misrepresentation or false statements about your personal information or the vehicle are grounds for voiding and even terminating the cover.

Third, you could also get in trouble by misrepresenting the number of annual miles driven if you fail to include the extra miles made with Amazon Flex when making deliveries.

A final note on Amazon Flex

Please keep in mind that Amazon Flex cover does not include medical insurance, flat tire repairs, or rental car expenses, or situations involving war, terrorism, or intentional injury.

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