What Type of Insurance Does a Courier Need?

From self-employed delivery drivers to nationwide businesses with a large fleet, courier insurance is designed to protect businesses from damage and/or liability issues. These business insurance policies usually cover drivers, vehicles, and goods.

What Insurance Does a Courier Need? | Commercial Courier Insurance

At Brookhurst Insurance we make sure your courier business and drivers are covered appropriately in order to protect yourself from liabilities and 3rd party claims that occur unexpectedly.

Commercial Courier Insurance

Couriers and delivery services business owners should be protected against potential risks associated with this type of work, such as package damage, loss, theft, and accidents during the delivery. Commercial courier insurance can be sold separately or as a package to provide complete coverage.

There are four main types of business insurance you should consider for your courier business:

  • Commercial Auto Insurance – not to be confused with personal auto insurance, this covers physical damage and liability claims for drivers operating a vehicle on the job.
  • General Liability – coverage that protects you from 3rd party claims that may arise during business operations, such as bodily injuries, property damage, and personal injury.
  • Cargo Insurance – protection against risks of physical loss, damage, and theft of goods while in transit.
  • Workers Compensation – covers work-related illness and injury, employee medical expenses and lost wages from injury, and protection from lawsuits by employee.

Courier insurance protects your company from accidents and losses, such as:

  • Car and van accidents
  • Lost or damaged cargo
  • Employee injured during parcel delivery
  • and more

Get a Commercial Courier Insurance Quote

At Brookhurst Insurance, our agents are experienced in commercial courier insurance products. We would be happy to discuss customized plans for your courier business to be insured properly. This can give you some peace of mind to run normal day-to-day operations without the need to worry about accidents beyond your control. Request a quote online or call 818.465.7860 to speak with a courier insurance agent today!

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